TAI Presents at USCA 2010 - HIV/AIDS and Aging: An A to Z Look at a Growing Population Seminar

Agenda:  Click here for PDF
Presenters Bios:  Click here for PDF
Featuring the following presenters:
• Dan Tietz, RN, JD, Executive Director, AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA) and Hanna Tessema, MPH, MSW, Program Manager, ACRIA - Presentation:  Click here for PDF
• Iván Meléndez Rivera, MD, FAAFP, AAHIVS, Medical Director, Centro Ararat, Inc. - Presentation:  Click here for PDF
• Nathan Schaefer, MSSA, Director, Public Policy, Gay Men’s Health Crisis - Presentation:  Click here for PDF
• Michael Ruppal, Executive Director & Michelle Scavnicky, Education Director, The AIDS Institute - Presentation:  Click here for PDF

The Co-infection of HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis B and C: The Socio-Economic Impact on the State of Florida

Because of the unique nature of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B and C, the community must be cognizant of the impact and implications they will have economically, socially, and ethically. This paper seeks to ascertain the rate of co-infection that exists in Florida, gaps in treatment, a projection of future costs for how this is effecting HIV prevention and care activities throughout Florida, and a projection of future financial impact. A short history, epidemiological information, treatment theories, and associated costs are presented for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, and co-infections between them. A survey was administered to providers from both the public and private sector to achieve a realistic perspective on hepatitis outreach, testing, and treatment. Recommendations based on this research are then given to address prevention, education, and treatment.

Since 2007, The AIDS Institute has been working on the Women Informing Now! (WIN) Project

The purpose of the WIN Project includes:

  • The WIN Project represents an international and domestic effort highlighting issues important to women impacted by HIV/AIDS.
  • The aim of this program is to direct women focused, culturally appropriate and family centered resources around HIV/AIDS.

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