Health Reform

Evidence Mounting Of Discrimination against People with HIV By Some Insurance Plans

June 13, 2014

“We want the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to work, and we want it to work for people living with HIV/AIDS and others with chronic health conditions...But shifting the cost of medications to the patients is not only blatant discrimination but can lead to poorer health outcomes...”  

NHeLP and The AIDS Institute File HIV/AIDS Discrimination Complaint Against Florida Health Insurers

May 29, 2014 --

"The [insurance] companies are going out of their way to discourage people with HIV/AIDS from enrolling in their plans—a blatantly illegal practice.” 

Click here to read the press release.

The AIDS Institute Submits Written Testimony to the Senate Appropriations Health Commitee

May 23, 2014 

"Over the past thirty years we have made great progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS and are truly at a tipping point. However, without stable and adequate funding that progress is in jeopardy, as well as the lives of millions who are or will be infected."

Presentation: Update on Health Reform & the Impact on Persons Living with HIV

May 2, 2014

Presentation by Carl Schmid, Deputy Executive Director of The AIDS Institute at the 10th Annual HIV in West Virginia Conference.

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Obama's Actions Could Put HIV Patients at Risk

March 7, 2014

Roll Call

"The Obama administration has done much to improve the health and well-being of many Americans, including people with HIV and AIDS, but we believe they are not currently implementing the law that Congress passed and prioritizing the interests of patients as they should be."

TAI Comments on Draft 2015 Letter to Issuers in the Federally-facilitated ACA Marketplaces

February 24, 2014 "If the ACA is going to work for people living with HIV/AIDS and others with chronic conditions, we trust CMS will carefully consider the recommendations we have outlined in these comments." Click here to read the letter. 

Review of Florida Qualified Health Plans (QHPs)

Below are The AIDS Institute reviews of 2014 and 2015 Florida Qualified Health Plans

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