NHAAAD Event Registration and Toolkit 2014

Sept. 12, 2014

Please use the link below to register your NHAAAD event. We encourage early registration for greater visibility and increased promotion of your exciting events. 

2014 NHAAAD Event Registration Link

After September 18th, we will contact you to submit a post event evaluation survey to gain valuable feedback. Upon completion of the post event evaluation survey, a certificate of NHAAAD participation will be provided.



The 2014 NHAAAD Tool Kit is now available and includes the following documents:

  1. NHAAAD Brochure (.pdf)
  2. NHAAAD Brochure-Customizable (MS Word) - see attachment below
  3. NHAAAD Community Invite Letter (.pdf)
  4. NHAAAD Community Planning Guide (.pdf)
  5. NHAAAD Event Survey-Customizable (MS Word) - see attachment below
  6. NHAAAD Fact Sheet (.pdf)
  7. NHAAAD Original Poster (.pdf)
  8. NHAAAD Poster Series (.pdf)
  9. NHAAAD Poster Series – Customizable (.ppt) - see attachment below
  10. NHAAAD Post Event Evaluation Form (.pdf)
  11. NHAAAD Power Point Presentation (.pdf)
  12. NHAAAD Sample Media Advisory (MS Word) - see attachment below
  13. NHAAAD Sample Press Release (MS Word) - see attachment below
  14. NHAAAD Logo (.jpeg) - Click link or see attachment below
  15. NHAAAD Social Media Guide (.pdf)


Click here for the NHAAAD 2014 Event Listings