Since 2007, The AIDS Institute has been working on the Women Informing Now! (WIN) Project

The purpose of the WIN Project includes:

  • The WIN Project represents an international and domestic effort highlighting issues important to women impacted by HIV/AIDS.
  • The aim of this program is to direct women focused, culturally appropriate and family centered resources around HIV/AIDS.

The goals and focus include:

  • policy initiatives that involve the interests of women on the state, national, and global level;
  • education and increased public awareness regarding the rising number of women with HIV/AIDS in the US and worldwide;
  • a broad communications and media strategy that will bring to the forefront issues specific to women impacted by HIV/AIDS;
  • promotion of heightened awareness about the feminization of HIV/AIDS both domestically and abroad;
  • the offering of recommendations as to the ways community, faith, and government leaders can help reduce HIV infection in women and girls;
  • advocating for support programs to families currently stricken by the disease;
  • the development and distribution of models for local and state governments in the United States consistent with state laws mandating offices of women’s health and women’s health officers within departments of health.

Major Accomplishments:

  • Development of Project Materials (The WIN Project Brochure, Fact Sheet)
  • Conducted series of HIV/AIDS Women’s Health Summit/CME Programs for Physicians, Nurses and other Healthcare Providers
  • Women’s Health Policy Forum

The WIN Project Partner Network:
Representatives from National and International organizations assist The WIN Project in an advisory capacity through the following activities:

  • Participate in ongoing communication network
  • Highlight partner projects in ActionLink newsletter or through other media strategies
  • Support organizational activities
  • Assist with planning of forum’s, town hall meetings and advocacy days
  • Actively participate in conference calls or face to face meetings

Upcoming Initiatives:

WIN Advocacy Day – Date to be determined

  • Highlight the work of The WIN Project and the WIN Partner Network
  • Key Congressional Hill visits

Women’s Town Hall Meetings in selected jurisdictions-Ongoing


Click Here for a PDF Overview of WIN

To learn more about WIN, please contact Michelle Scavnicky, The AIDS Institute's Director of Education, at:, or by caller Michelle at 813-258-5929.