ACCESSING RESOURCES 4 CONSUMER HEALTH Committee (ARCH) of the South Florida AIDS Network (SFAN), Broward County

Previous HIV Testing Among Adults and Adolescents Newly Diagnosed with HIV Infection

National HIV Surveillance System, 18 Jurisdictions, United States, 2006–2009
CDC, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
June 22, 2012 / 61(24);441-445
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Dear Community Providers, Clients/Consumers, interested individuals:

Welcome to the first edition of the ARCH e-newsletter!

The ACCESSING RESOURCES 4 CONSUMER HEALTH committee (ARCH) of the South Florida AIDS Network (SFAN) convened a meeting over several months to discuss issues relating to Clients’ Accessing services and programs in Broward County.

The consensus of committee members was that a single source of “communication” does not exist to alert consumers on program changes, newly emerging programs and general social and support information. Currently the Broward County Health Department (BCHD) disseminates community emails to service providers who then disseminate them when possible. ARCH will not take the place of those emails. but will be more consumer-focused and will specifically concentrate on improving timely access to information.

The ARCH e-newsletter will provide information including: Changes in program requirements for Care and Treatment, Case Management, Outreach Dental Care, Support Group Information, Health Care Reform (what to expect), and changes in Federal and State program requirements (i.e., Social Security, ADAP).

The ARCH e-newsletter cannot/will not:

  • Take the place of keeping in contact with your Care Provider, Case Manager, Pharmacy provider, Social Security Office etc. Information through ARCH emails are informational only.
  • Be an interactive mechanism for information. Clients will not be able to respond back to the informational email, however, links to local agencies, contact names and numbers will be provided for additional information.
  • Send out information for another agency. All news and information must be generated by the source of the information.
  • Be an avenue for client grievances and complaints. There are existing, appropriate channels in which a client can document these types of issues/concerns.

The ARCH committee can only accept information pertaining to consumers/clients of HIV/AIDS services and programs that are relevant to access issues and service barriers from providers/agencies. All information will be verified by the committee prior to dissemination.

We welcome you to the first issue of the ARCH e-newsletter and hope the information we have provided helps to improve access to services throughout Broward County.

Thank you on behalf of the Access Care Committee (ARCH) and The AIDS Institute.


The ARCH Committee


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