Proposed FCHAR Studies: Summary of the Meeting During the International AIDS Conference

August 8, 2012


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Dear Colleague,

The Florida Consortium for HIV/AIDS Research (FCHAR) conducted a meeting during the XIX International Conference on AIDS in D.C. Click here for a narrative summary of the meeting, which primarily addressed a pilot study for an innovative clinical trial.  Cohorts of persons with acute HIV infection (AHI), recent infection, and chronic/established infection would be identified in the pilot study.  Expecting to demonstrate an ability to identify large numbers of AHI cases in the pilot, a clinical trial would then proceed to investigate the benefits of administering a new combination of antiretrovirals in the acute phase of infection.

We are excited about these proposed, collaborative studies, which are consistent with FCHAR goals and objectives.

We welcome your overall feedback, particularly on effective and efficient ways to capture those with AHI.  Suggestions about possible funding source(s) for the projects would also be appreciated.


Spencer Lieb, MPH
HIV/AIDS Research Coordinator
The AIDS Institute / Florida Consortium for HIV/AIDS Research
Office: 850-329-7021
Fax: 813-258-5939
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