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TAI Seeks Nominations to the Board of Directors of The AIDS Institute (2006)

Seeking Nominations to the Board of Directors of the AIDS Institute

Congressional Public Policy Forum: Fighting AIDS in the South, remarks by Dr. Copello Fiscal Year 2005 Federal Appropriations HIV/AIDS Programs

Fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Southern United States will take continued community participation and courage; local and state funding and programmatic increases; increased federal funding of all federally funded AIDS programs nationwide; review and reform of the nation’s HIV/AIDS care and prevention system; and participation from the private and corporate sectors. Together, we can win the battle against AIDS in the South, the nation, and our global community.

Download the PDF to read the full statement.

TAI announces 4x4 initiative as agency's get out the vote 2004 campaign and beyond

Washington, DC —The AIDS Institute (TAI) is pleased to announce that the national nonprofit organization is focusing efforts on the upcoming Presidential and Congressional 2004 election through the agency’s 4x4 Initiative, Get Out the Vote. The 4x4 Initiative, while focused on the 2004 election, will continue through this decade, encouraging voter registration.

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